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Why should I be proud of being a Vietnamese when my country is among the least developed in Asia?

Whether you’re proud of being Vietnamese or not is your own choice. It’s the fact that you base your measurements on what’s worthy for pride like something as shallow as how developed a country is, is just sad and frankly, pathetic.
You will never be happy this way because the world is constantly changing. One country can be so high end and go to drug store real quick.

Like many here stated, you should be prideful of your own achievements and not your nation’s. However, being Vietnamese is still a huge part of my identity and honor so I will list reasons on why I am proud to be Vietnamese.

  • Emperor Quang Trung => This was the awesome, cunning and strategic emperor of Vietnam that managed to kick Chinese invaders out despite having such a small army in comparison.

  • Trưng Sisters => Vietnamese women were ahead of their time back in the old days and these two Queens who ruled and led Vietnam’s army against (again) Chinese invaders were no different. Compared to the rest of Confucian filled Asian countries, we had it real good. Legit, a female Vietnamese general who fought with them GAVE BIRTH while fighting.

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