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We have to call Wuhan virus

In this article, I also hope sincere Chinese friends please don’t get angry. As a child of a nation, I understand everyone will nonstop loving the homeland, the country, the people. But the world is full of pain, grief, farewell separations as happening every day, anyone feels throbbing and bitter.

We know that this tragedy is no longer unique to anyone, of any nation, but has spread all over the globe. The Chinese want the world to call the Chinese New Year’s lunar new year, as if to affirm expansion and other peoples must call it.

Now this virus comes from Wuhan regardless of its cause, it must be called Wuhan Virus. We respect the Chinese but the griefs, mourning that envelop humankind, wails, etc., are no longer able to describe all of these cruelty, cruelty and pain. perhaps humans can not tolerate and resentment difficult to fade.