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Luật sư tư vấn

Ms. Trinh Nguyen
LL.M (advanced) Commercial Laws- Australia, Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association)

Ms.Trinh Nguyen is qualified to practice law in both Australia and Vietnam.  She is one of a few Vietnamese nationals who have gained admission to practise in both common law and civil law jurisdiction. She holds a Master of Laws (advanced) in Commercial Laws from Queensland University (Australia).

Trinh’s experience is honed by working at International firms such as Freehills, Phillip Fox (in Vietnam) and HopGood Ganim (in Australia) and Vietnamese leading law firms over the past fourteen years where she as has been exposed to a myriad of issues that may arise in the corporate life of a company when it does business in Vietnam.

Additionally, Trinh’s diverse background as a journalist/columnist on investment issues for one of the most popular newspaper in Vietnam prior to her legal practice enables her to provide the clients with a more comprehensive view and unique perspective in advising on the intricacy of doing business in Vietnam.

Mr. Kenneth Cloke
As Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution, Kenneth Cloke has served as a mediator, arbitrator, attorney, coach, consultant and trainer. Ken specializes in resolving complex, multi-party conflicts which include: community, grievance and workplace disputes, collective bargaining negotiations, organizational and school conflicts, public policy disputes, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits. Ken also provides services in designing conflict resolution systems for organizations. He is a nationally recognized speaker and author of many books and journal articles.



Mr. Danny  Đức Duy 
Mr. Duy is a Resident Partner of Santa Lawyers’ firm in Vietnam. He has been involved in international and Vietnamese law since the end of 1998. Mr. Duy handles a variety of matters pertaining to law across the borders.

Prior to becoming a partner at Santa Lawyers, Mr. Duy acted as Senior Counsel for the top international law firms in Vietnam. Duy is a Vietnamese-American and residency in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Duy has closed to 20 years of practice as in-house counsel for multiple, national companies. He has extensive knowledge on corporate issues, risk management, characteristics and customs of different cultures, and some related immigration issues. Additionally, Mr. Duy has written numerous articles on mergers and acquisitions due to his expertise in the field.

Mr. Duy received his LL.B in 1998, a Master of Law in 2005 and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Law in 2013. He is a member in good standing with the American Bar Association, International Laws Section, and the ACI (Audit – Compliance Institute) of Australia, the International Bar Association. Mr. Duy is tested and registered as a foreign Legal Counsel with limitation of laws in the U.S and is qualified and admitted to practice law in Vietnam.

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